Liver Capsules Vitamin & Mineral Profile

beef liver vitamins and minerals

The table below outlines the vitamin and mineral content of Primal Energy beef liver capsules based on a serving size of 2g (4 capsules). 

Per 2g serving
8.48 mg
Pantothenic acid
0.293 mg
0.40 mg
1.893 mg
Vitamin A
1887 mcg
Vitamin B12 0.94 mcg
Vitamin B6 0.02 mg

Vitamin D3

80.93 IU
Minerals Per 2g serving
Copper 0.106 mg
Iron 2.09 mg
Magnesium 1.15 mg
Phosphorus 19.24 mg
Potassium 20.6 mg
Selenium 1.6 mcg
Sodium 8.58 mg
Zinc 0.23 mg